Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B causes up to 80% of all liver cancer and most often appears in people of working age between 35-65 years. In the United States, 1 in 12 Asian Americans is chronically infected with the hepatitis B virus. Forty percent of the world’s cases are in China, where carriers can face discrimination and stigmatization in the workplace due to misconceptions surrounding transmission.

Hepatitis B is spread through birth, blood or sex and is vaccine preventable. Screening and early detection are critically important.

The Global Business Group on Health collaborates with the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University in the U.S. and China to address this issue through its JoinJade Employer Collaborative.

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JoinJade Employer Highlights JoinJade Employer Highlights
This report showcases employer efforts with the JoinJade campaign on Hepatitis B prevention and stigma reduction efforts.

Hepatitis B and Moms-to-Be Hepatitis B and Moms-to-Be
Provides mothers an overview on Hepatitis B and pregnancy, and promotes pre-natal and post-natal preventive care.

Promoting Hepatitis B & Liver Cancer Wellness in the Global Workplace Promoting Hepatitis B & Liver Cancer Wellness in the Global Workplace
This Asian Liver Center toolkit provides practical steps and educational materials to develop sound hepatitis B practices and policies.



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