Health Communications

Companies engaged in promoting health, wellness and well-being are by default health communicators. Promoting sustained health behavior change is hard. Doing so requires effective employee communication. Those are messages that are:

  • Well-planned and organized.
  • Clear, concise, factual and timely.
  • Targeted to the right recipients.
  • Culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate.

This applies to all written and verbal communications using traditional channels or new media outlets.

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Branding Wellness Initiatives Branding Wellness Initiatives
The power of brands can be used to effectively promote and position a wellness program and its interventions to targeted employees and key stakeholders.

Choosing Channels Choosing Channels
A well-researched, planned and executed communication strategy — defining the mix of messages, channels and media — is vital to successful health communications.

Ensuring Cultural and Linguistic Competence Ensuring Cultural and Linguistic Competence
Effective communication in a global and/or cross-cultural context is challenged by the need to achieve both cultural relevance and linguistic comprehension.


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