Cost Management

With rising non-communicable disease rates and an aging workforce, medical spending around the world continues to outpace inflation, salary increases and GDP growth. Insurers expect the rise to continue over the next three years. Global employers strive to track costs and implement cost management strategies that are viable at a local country level. Cost management initiatives require buy-in from vendor partners and local colleagues in order for the efforts to succeed.



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Tracking Costs Globally Tracking Costs Globally
Includes cost containment exercises, employer benchmarking data and company examples regarding global containment processes and procedures.

Global Cost Control Mechanisms Global Cost Control Mechanisms
Focuses on global cost control mechanisms including cost-sharing approaches, member examples of cost sharing approaches and benchmarking data on employee contributions.

Global Benefits Harmonization Process Global Benefits Harmonization Process: Steps to Build a Strategy
This guide discusses facilitators and barriers to developing a global benefits harmonization strategy.



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