The strategy is the high-level plan that serves as the foundation for global benefits policies. It is a combination of goals, objectives, policies and programs and generally contains specific time frames and financial or organizational objectives. It should include quantifiable statements that can provide measurable results to compare against objectives. High performing multinational companies develop global strategies that not just cross country borders but are forward thinking with integrated approach for all aspects of the business — its suppliers, production, markets, and competition. The challenge is how to effectively address benefits across a culturally and geographically diverse workforce.

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Global Benefits Global Benefits – Philosophy & Strategy
In the early stages of a global benefits journey, it is important to take the time to define your philosophy, strategy, and overarching guiding principles. This will form the anchor for all future initiatives, priorities and programs. If programs are implemented before defining your landscape, you risk diluting your ability for scale or leverage, and increasing the likelihood of rework.

Global Minimum Core Benefits Global Minimum Core Benefits - Business Case and Framework
This slide deck is a template for global employers to customize when building their business case and process for global minimum core benefits.

Flex Benefits Flex Benefits – Overview & Considerations
Flexible (Flex) Benefits can be a key component of a company's global benefit strategy. Providing choice to employees can help companies meet a wider range of needs while not negatively impacting benefit budgets. This provides an overview of the global trend along with member company perspectives and examples.



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