Global employers are frequently challenged to ensure that their organizational structures align with strategy and function. These companies adjust their organizational structure to improve efficiencies and communication channels yet there's no single best answer for global firms. Until systems evolve and companies progress further along the global learning curve, HR executives will continue to be pulled in both global and local directions – impeding their ability to quickly address global issues. In this growing global economy and with the expansion of companies’ “central” teams spanning locations around the world, there is an increased need for workforce mobility, more stringent governance, and compliance requirements, and ever greater pressure to improve margins through process and policy standardization.

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Global HR and Medical Teams: A Review of Organizational Structures – Introduction Global HR and Medical Teams: A Review of Organizational Structures – Introduction
Provides background on organizational structures and relevant employer issues and includes sample employer structures.

Overcoming Fear of Failure Culture Overcoming Fear of Failure Culture
This "What Your Peers are Asking" tool outlines what a fear of failure culture is and steps members can take to assist in change management.

Global Benefits Governance Toolkit Global Benefits Governance Toolkit: Organizational Structures - All Companies
This document provides information on how four companies approach organizational structures regarding global benefits governance.



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