ACA Employer Provisions

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) included a number of new requirements for employer-sponsored group health plans such as employer shared responsibility payments (the “employer mandate”), related reporting requirements, the prohibition on cost-sharing for certain preventive services, and the extension of child coverage to age 26. Some of these provisions may be modified or eliminated if the ACA is repealed, and some likely will remain. The Business Group supports legislation and regulatory guidance that minimize cost and administrative burdens associated with these requirements. Having flexibility to adapt compliance procedures to existing work, benefit, and administrative arrangements will reduce compliance burdens and allow employers to devote more resources toward maintaining and improving benefits for employees.



Featured Resources

ACA Boot Camp ACA Boot Camp
This 5-part webinar series provides an overview of the ACA provisions most relevant to employer-sponsored group health plans.

Chart: ACA Preventive Services Chart: ACA Preventive Services
This chart details the preventive services that non-grandfathered group health plans must cover without cost-sharing.

Public Policy Webinar: Update on ACA Employer Reporting and Other Topics Public Policy Webinar: Update on ACA Employer Reporting and Other Topics
This webinar — part of our monthly Public Policy Webinar series — provides updated guidance on the ACA’s employer reporting requirements.


Also of Interest

ACA Toolkit
This toolkit includes resources, listed by topic, that address employers’ ACA compliance concerns.



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