ACA Public Health Insurance Exchanges/Medicaid

The Affordable Care Act included provisions to expand health insurance coverage to the uninsured by allowing individuals and small employers to purchase coverage on state health insurance exchanges and increasing eligibility for Medicaid coverage, although due to a U.S. Supreme Court decision Medicaid expansion is at a state’s discretion.

Exchanges are important to large employers for several reasons. Specific populations, such as early retirees, part-time employees, some dependents, COBRA eligible individuals, and full-time employees in some cases may find coverage through exchanges. Additionally, employees may be benchmarking their coverage against exchange coverage. Expanding Medicaid may boost employment, particularly among lower wage jobs, and give Medicaid-eligible employees and their dependents more affordable coverage options. Additionally, it reduces the risk that employers not offering coverage to low-wage employees will be subject to employer shared responsibility payments.

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