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Private Health Insurance Exchanges: A Toolkit for Employers

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Rapid changes in the health care marketplace and new rules and requirements under the ACA have challenged employers to reassess their role in providing coverage to employees and their families. Reflecting this need, employers have shown significant interest in private exchanges. Private exchanges are marketplaces that offer a variety of health coverage options to participating employers' employees. They also take over many of the plan administration functions from employers, including enrollment and plan administration.

Many exchanges are multi-carrier, but some offer an array of options from a single carrier. Though early coverage options were exclusively insured products, more recent private exchange operators offer self-funded options. As the private exchange market evolves and responds to employer needs, employers can expect even more opportunities to customize solutions that meet their needs.

This toolkit is a guide for employers to help think about whether or not private exchanges fit into their health care strategy. Specifically, it provides an up-to-date picture of the current private exchange market, the legal framework for plan sponsors choosing private exchanges, a guide for considering private exchanges and what types of questions interested employers should be asking of private exchanges.


Section 1: Current Private Exchange Market

Chart — Latest Details on Private Exchanges Locked secured document — Updated February 17, 2017

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Section 2: ERISA and Legal Framework

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Section 3: Corporate Health Care Strategies

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