High-Performance Network/Centers of Excellence

There is a major shift in health care today that is focused on improved health care delivery and better quality of care. Employers and health plans are behind this shift, using innovative strategies to deliver better outcomes and reduce costs. Two of these innovations include high-performance networks and centers of excellence (COEs).

Term Definition
High-performance network A small or select number of physicians, hospitals or other health care professionals who have been identified as high quality, cost effective providers.
Centers of excellence Providers who are selected to perform certain specialized procedures because of their expertise, outcomes and favorable financial arrangements.

More employers plan to provide these strategies in the future. As of the beginning of 2019:

  • 35% of employers offer high-performance networks or ACOs and another 23% are considering implementation for 2020/2021;
  • 88% of employers contract with a COE, with most using a health plan and under ten percent contracting directly;
  • COEs for all major services have increased in recent years, but cancer (up 10% over 2018) and fertility (up 7%) have experienced the fastest growth.

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