Wellness Champions

Wellness Champions are a collection of employees, separate from the wellness staff, which can be used to support and market the wellness goals and programs of their company. Wellness Champions are typically volunteers who have shown special interest or social ability to help educate and encourage other employees to engage with wellness. Wellness Champions are given special training to be an expert in their company’s wellness resources and how to access them. Many are also encouraged to actively engage with their fellow employees through coordinating activities/ challenges, presenting details on new programs to their colleagues and being a visible and approachable touch point for employees looking for information.

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Wellness Staffing and Administration Wellness Staffing and Administration
Survey results show how employers staff their wellness departments and .looks at employers’ use of wellness champions and committees to design and roll out new initiatives.

Wellness Champions: Quick Survey Findings and Employer Examples Wellness Champions: Quick Survey Findings and Employer Examples
Looks at how employers manage their wellness champion network and communications.

Wellness Champions: Program Templates Wellness Champions: Program Templates
As employers build their wellness champion network, a host of documents may be necessary to secure your wellness champions and train them. These templates were created and shared by Business Group members to assist in developing your wellness champion network.



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