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Institute on Health Care Costs and Solutions (IHCCS)

The Institute on Health Care Costs and Solutions (IHCCS) was established in November 2001, by the Board of Directors of the National Business Group on Health, to provide an intense focus on finding effective solutions to the health care benefits costs problems of large employers.

In addition to identifying and disseminating best practices and innovative ideas for managing costs and improving quality, the Institute is also a force for communicating that affordability and cost-effectiveness must be major considerations in the health system.

Two leadership committees are housed under the Institute, which focus on specific tactics for controlling costs and improving the quality and safety of health care:

  1. National Committee on Evidence-Based Benefit Design
  2. National Committee on Pharmacy Benefits and Specialty Medicine

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Want to learn more about the Institute on Health Care Costs and Solutions and its scope of work? Email Magda Rusinowski with your questions.

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