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Get access to information and resources that will help you to improve the health and well-being of your workforce, better manage health benefits, and keep your company’s health care costs under control.

Our policy experts will keep you abreast of potential legal changes and decipher new laws and regulations so you don’t have to—stay compliant and worry less.

Connect with peers from other large companies and learn what’s working and what isn’t before you adjust your strategy. From in-person meetings, conference calls to online forums, we’ll make sure you get connected with others.

Receive personalized assistance to any benefits question. Our in-house staff is on-call to answer questions on all of our topics and provide you with the customized resources you need quickly.

Stay on the cutting edge—be prepared for what’s coming.

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Membership Benefits


Large employers who are not primarily in the health care or employee benefits business as described under Health Industry Partner. Download the benefit packet below for more info.

Health Industry Partner

Companies in the health care and benefits business including Health Plans, Health Systems, Health Insurers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, Benefits Consultants and similar organizations. Download the benefit packet below for more info. 

Employer Benefit Packet

Employer Benefit Packet

Health Industry Partner Packet

Health Industry Partner Benefit Packet


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